8 Ways to Care for Race Horses

Care for Race Horses

You may not always find horses every day anywhere, but in our country, horses are quite familiar. Especially, some tourist attractions that currently exist that provide for rent. Meanwhile, another interesting thing about horses is that they are used as sports activities such as competitions known as racing horses. Punters can also place their bet with situs judi

Equestrian sports are often referred to like horse racing that has existed since centuries ago. So how do you care about horse racing? The stages in the maintenance or care of horse racing will be conveyed through a series of articles, the following that you can see.

Care for Race Horses
Care for Race Horses

1. Providing decent housing

In the care of a horse, the first is to ensure that the place of residence is adequate. Make sure the horse you keep has a pretty good place to live. Horses will always need a place to stay and rest throughout the year. The place must be dry, safe, comfortable, and able to protect horses from rain, wind, snow, heat, and the threat of insect bites to other problems.

2. Providing Comfortable Sleeping Pads

The next way to care for horse racing is to provide a comfortable sleeping pad. Even though a horse can sleep standing up, basically they will sleep more soundly when they lie down. So this, of course, requires the right sleeping pad. While proper sleeping mats must always be kept clean so that they are not dangerous for the horse you are caring for. In this case, straw can be a cheap bedding choice for your own pet horse racing.

very strong stallion
very strong stallion

3. Proper Feed Inventory

Provide the right food for your pet racehorse. A medium-sized horse will consume about 9 kilograms of food a day, this is what you should understand. Because the horse has a relatively small stomach and sensitive digestive system, the horse will tend to eat grass and chew it along instead of only eating one or two specific foods. As an employer, you can also feed pet horses with half bales of straw formed into blocks or green straw.

4. Giving Salt

Care for the next horse race, don’t forget to give salt. Give salt (special mineral blocks for horses) to maintain the electrolyte balance in the horse’s body. Horses also need minerals to keep the number of electrolytes in their bodies high, and these minerals can be obtained from the recommended salt. Electrolytes owned by horses function to regulate the production and expenditure of sweat, saliva, intestinal fluids, urine, and nasal mucus. In addition, electrolytes are also able to regulate the function of the nervous system and liver, and also maintain the hydration system in horses.

very strong stallion
very strong stallion

5. Provide Water

How to Care for Horse racing itself certainly cannot be separated from the provision of water. Provide clean and freshwater to the horse every day. The water needed by horses is around 30 liters every day. Refill the water in your horse drink container regularly and also make sure it is clean so that the water is always fresh.

6. Lawn Care

Take good care of the grass fields that you have. Horses need a large area to go around and graze all day, especially for racing horses. Therefore, you need to plant the grass yourself in the area used by horses to graze. As an alternative, you can be sure you know the type of grass that grows or is planted in a daycare center. Also, make sure that you also plant the right type of grass for your pet horse.

7. Clean the Stables Every Day

Don’t forget to be diligent, routinely and always clean the stables. Dispose of the dirt on the straw mat in a thorough and orderly manner. Use a shovel and wheelbarrow as a medium for picking up horse dung and bringing the dung to the landfill.

Care for Race Horses
Care for Race Horses

8. Diligently Combing Horsehair

Do not ignore horsehair. If it looks so awful, then it can damage it slowly. Always take your horse in bathing and don’t forget to comb its fur to keep it soft and tidy.

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