5 Most Reliable Horses for Race Purposes

Horses for Race

Horses are not just animals that are relied on for traditional transportation. But, this animal is also used for sporting events. There are various types of championships that use horses. Uniquely, each horse has a different character for racing purposes The character of the horse itself is classified into three terms, called hot blood, warm blood, and cold blood. Hot blood horses will tend to be more easily nervous and energetic than other types. Which includes this type, such as the Arabian and Thoroughbred races. They can be counted on to enter the racetrack.

Horses for Race
Horses for Race

Cold blood horses are attached to calm, non-stressful horse races, such as Percheron and Shires. This breed has large bones and a heavy body and is often used as a farm horse.

While warmblood horses have a calm, but energetic side. Horses with these characteristics are suitable as transport and transportation horses. But, it is also often used in obstetric equestrian competitions.

For horse racing, what are the suitable types? Here are five horses for the race due to their speed, strength, agility, and endurance.

Often used for hunting because of its strength, dexterity, and endurance. In addition to its unique skin color, this smart horse that has a compact and small body is also a ride that is suitable for small children.

Horses for Race
Horses for Race

Having the shape similar to Thoroughbred, the strength and speed of this horse race come from its back and hind legs. Often analogous to man’s best friend. This race tends to be friendly and is often used in harness racing, as well as barrel racing and low jumping.

Arabian horse
This race is not known as a race with a high running speed, but a matter of endurance. The ability of the race to regulate energy while running makes it often used in competitions that promote endurance such as marathon racing. This race is also known as an intelligent horse race.

Horses for Race
Horses for Race

This race is famous for its fast sprint ability. This horse can run at a speed of 88.5 kilometers per hour in a distance of 400 meters, making it suitable for the championship horse jump and obstacle course. Thanks to this ability, a quarter horse is also a choice as a warhorse.

Horses in the hot blood category are known for their competitive abilities. He has a nimble, slender and tall body structure. This type is often used in barrel racing (racing around a kind of drum) and eventing race (obstacle course).

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